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About Us

We have proudly served First Nations across Canada for 25 years.

When GST was first introduced in 1991, the rules for the recovery of GST paid by First Nations were not in place. When we performed our first recoveries of GST for our First Nations clients in 1992, we worked with Canada Revenue Agency to develop methods to recover GST rebates for our First Nations clients and help provide them with much needed funding.


Since those first GST recoveries were performed in 1992, our staff have recovered GST/HST rebates and input tax credits for hundreds of First Nations. Because our staff work exclusively on behalf of First Nations organizations, our level of experience in native tax matters is unsurpassed. We have a team of staff who are able to use their First Nations GST/HST specific knowledge to get back the maximum refunds for our clients. 


Whether you deal with one of our audit staff (Darryl, Brett, Chris, or Terry); our customer service manager (Mark); or claims managers (Norma, Ronda or Michelle); we strive to make your experience with Refund Associates rewarding.

Our Team
Terry Hogan
President | 1-(866)-705-0058 Ext. 201

Terry founded Refund Associates and has been providing GST/HST recovery services for First Nations for over 25 years. With the introduction of GST in 1991, it became apparent to Terry that First Nations would benefit by having a company help them obtain tax rebates that would otherwise be unavailable.  Since Terry first started working on behalf of First Nations in 1992, more and more First Nations have become clients. As a result, additional staff have joined Terry at Refund Associates to obtain GST/HST rebates for our many First Nations clients.

Norma Conte
Claims Manager | 1-(866)-705-0058 Ext. 205

Norma has been with Refund Associates, as it has grown, for a decade now. She obtained her CPA designation from the Board of Accountancy. Norma has years of experience as an Auditor and a Controller in local and multinational companies. Over the years, Norma has established good contacts with CRA and is delighted to be instrumental in sorting out GST issues with CRA and recovering millions of GST refunds for our clients. Outside work, she enjoys hiking & attending ukulele jams.

Mark Parnell
Account Manager | 1-(866)-705-0058 Ext. 203

Mark recently celebrated 10 years with the Refund Associates Team as an Account Manager/ Sales representative and over the years has developed friendships and business relationships with many of our clients across Canada.   With an extensive background in customer service, Mark has taken a proactive approach to working with clients (established and new) to ensure that we are providing the best service possible to our clients.   As a musician for most of his life (drummer by trade), he has had the experience to speak to the public from all walks of life and enjoys a “good chat”.

Darryl Hogan
Senior Auditor | 1-(866)-705-0058 Ext. 202

Darryl joined Refund Associates in 2005 after finishing his business degree from Nipissing University and teaching degree in Mathematics from Lakehead University. Darryl travelled extensively across Canada, working with clients recovering millions of dollars in GST & HST refunds. Darryl now travels throughout Ontario, but remains in contact with many West Coast customers that have become friends over the decade

Brett Hall
Senior Auditor | 1-(866)-705-0058 Ext. 209

Brett Joined the Refund Associates Team as a GST/HST Auditor back in April of 2014. He graduated from Georgian College in 2013 with his 3rd diploma, this one for Business Accounting (the other 2 are Business Management from Humber, and Culinary Management from Fanshawe).With his drive to see all jobs through to the end and his love of exploring Canada he has been a great fit at Refund Associates.

Christopher Belyea
Senior Auditor | 1-(866)-705-0058 Ext. 204

Chris joined Refund Associates as a GST/HST Auditor in March of 2016.  Prior to this, Chris has worked as an Internal Auditor, Sr. Accountant, and Manager for The Salvation Army. Chris has continued his education, working towards becoming a CPA. With an eye for fine detail, Chris is determined to ensure that our clients receive the maximum possible rebates that they are entitled to.

Ronda Ellis
Claims Processor | 1-(866)-705-0058 Ext. 206

Ronda joined Refund Associates as a Claims Processor in October of 2010. During this time she has assisted with the day to day process in the claims department to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

Michelle Gosine
Claims Processor | 1-(866)-705-0058 Ext. 207

Michelle joined Refund Associates in January of 2016 as a GST/HST claims processor. She has enjoyed being an integral part of the processing team, who is dedicated to getting the best results on behalf of our clients.

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