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Why Commodity Tax Audits are Beneficial

Comprehensive and Cost-effective

Tax Refund Auditing is the only cost-effective way to ensure that all your transactions have been reviewed. Refund Associates has the specialized tools and techniques to perform a detailed, comprehensive audit on 100% of our client's transactions.

Shared Knowledge Base

Your organization can benefit from the experience Refund Associates staff has gained while auditing hundreds of First Nations clients since 1992. History has shown that virtually all of our audits have resulted in recoveries.

Time Waits for No One

Tax Refunds have a shelf life. Refund Associates reviews past accounts payable files and attempts to apply legislative changes and taxation "loopholes" to your benefit. These dollars are recovered from your past paid and closed transactions. We will review these past years before they become time statute barred, and the government keeps the funds that are rightfully yours.

Minimal Staff Distruptions

​A Refund Associates audit will keep staff disruptions to a minimum during the on-site recovery process. Refund Associates auditors pull and re-file all documentation, and they require only 5-10 minutes of your time to start the audit.

No Refund, No Fee

It's the ultimate win-win value proposition. Refund Associates works on a "Contingency Fee". We are paid based on a percentage of successful refunds. Therefore, if we are unsuccessful in finding your organization more money, our service is free. We do not bill until you receive the refund or credit. We also pay for all of our own travel and staffing expenses.

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