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GST/HST Rebate Services

GST/HST Rebate Services

Refund Associates have developed expertise at filing GST/HST rebates for First Nations and band-empowered entities. Our experienced staff are able to maximize your rebates by scouring all of the applicable years Accounts Payable files and finding all eligible transactions that have GST/HST included. 


Non-profit organizations, and school authorities are eligible for additional rebates for off reserve purchases. In many cases this can be determined before our staff begin the work. We review and file the necessary applications with CRA to boost the final claim and provide you with the largest possible return. We stay up to date with the ever changing requirements of CRA, so that we can file your rebates without any issues or concerns.

Enhancing Your Approved GST/HST Rebates

In most cases, if a First Nation has already filed their own GST/HST rebate application, we are able to get them back additional funds for their budget. We recently completed 12 complimentary GST checkups for First Nations who have been filing their own rebates internally. In 10 of those 12 clients, we were able to find substantial amounts that had been overlooked. As tax refunds have a shelf life, if these overlooked amounts were not addressed immediately, they could have been lost. Our staff will quickly file the required rebates to ensure that refunds do not expire and your money is not lost.


Our First Nation client staff have many different duties and can’t be expected to keep on top of current tax legislation and deal with CRA auditors regularly. That’s were Refund Associates can add real value and maximize your refunds. Canada Revenue Agency audit staff know our company We deal with CRA staff daily. As a result, we have developed a positive relationship with CRA and have been able to develop special tax issues that can be utilized to benefit our First Nations clients.

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