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GST/HST Filing Services

GST/HST Filing Services

Once a First Nation starts a business operation, the GST/HST rules that normally apply to First Nations change completely. For their business operation, the First Nations business is no longer able to claim exemptions of GST/HST. Also, in some cases, Canada Revenue Agency will require the First Nation to start collecting GST/HST on their sales.


First Nations who have a business operation, face a complicated issue in deciding when and to who they need to be charging GST/HST. It can be difficult to collect the necessary taxes, and file GST/HST Returns regularly. If a First Nation fails to correctly collect GST/HST and file the required GST/HST Returns, CRA will take action against the First Nation. This could be mean having to pay CRA sizable amounts based on GST/HST that should have been collected and

paid. It could also mean being assessed penalties and interest, or in serious situations, having bank accounts seized. It is important to determine if GST/HST should be collected and protect your First Nation.


We can help. Refund Associates are able to bring all delinquent GST Return filings up to date, relieving the stress of interest charges and collections calls. Also, we often are able to change a balance owing to CRA, into money refunded back to our clients. We are able to achieve this by applying all of the                              , that are often missed or incorrectly filed. Just like with all rebates, these have a limited time to be collected before they will be considered expired by CRA.

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