AFOA Conference


We have really enjoyed attending the past 14 AFOA Conferences and meeting First Nations staff from communities across the country. Attending the conference provides our clients with a chance to meet our staff, and it provides non clients with an opportunity to meet us and discuss any GST/HST matters (or they can simply test their math skills and win a prize, by guessing how many loonies are in the jar).


Our past AFOA Conferences include; Vancouver (2007, 2011 & 2017), Montreal (2008 & 2016), Calgary (2009 & 2017), Ottawa (2010 & 2018), Saskatoon (2012 & 2019), Toronto (2013), Halifax (2014), and Winnipeg (2015)


We look forward to attending the Oct. 27-29, 2020 AFOA conference in Halifax. Drop by, say hello, and see if you can win a prize.